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Tailored Workshops on Bridging the Gap Between Internet Marketing & Digital Campaign.

More than 90% of consumers will first search for products and services online when they have a need. Given this astonishing stat, Internet Marketing has taken on an even more significant role for businesses in this world where people spend more time online than ever before. Traffic Expert will tell you how to reach out to your target audience with our Internet Marketing workshops.

Traffic Expert Academy is the place where you can learn the A-Z of Internet Marketing. Here, we make sure that you fully grasp the concept of IM and all the related jargons. Companies can contact us for a customized training plan for your staff.

What will you learn about?

SEO Workshop.

SEO is possibly the most important aspect of Internet Marketing.We will teach you all the techniques required to get your website to the first pageof search engines. Learn what are Onsite and Offsite SEO and, most importantly, doing it the rightway. Know the latest development in the search industry. We will also show you free online tools to track the rankings and traffic for your website.

Pay Per Click Campaign.

Google’s Adwords is the largest search marketing platform in the world. Here, we teach you how to create your own Adwords Campaign, organizing your keywords in manageable Ad groups. Most of the time, people mistook that Ad location is based purely on cost of bidding. This is not right and wewill tell you how Adwords determine where your Ads appear. Learn how to optimize your Ad spend and get highly targeted traffic to your website.

Who should attend this course ?


This is an excellent way to network and gain valuable information from aspiring businesses. Always faced with limited budget and hiring professionals is costly, it is best to take things into your own hands and do your own Internet Marketing. Save thousands in meaningless management fee and convert them to marketing efforts that will produce visible results.

Marketing Folks in organizations.

Do you have problem understanding what your vendors are telling you? Are you being taken for a ride and not knowing it? Upgrade your skills today and speak on the same terms as the professionals in Internet Marketing. Show them that you do know and what you are talking about.

Small Business Marketing in Search Engines

Thursday, 30 June, 2016 - NUS

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