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We are the first in Singapore that enable business to leverage on the popular wechat platform and drive your marketing and sales objectives.

To achieve the objective of omni-channel marketing, you cannot neglect mobile. Accessing Internet through smartphone has exceeded that of desktop and consumers are increasingly using mobile devices for research. Mobile messengers have become the key applications that all consumers must have. Be it WhatsApp, WeChat, Line or Kakao, we all have one or more of these popular applications installed.

These apps are more than just for messenging purpose,they have evolved to become a key tool to fulfill the true O2O (online to offline or vice versa)
experience. Now there is an opportunity for your business to ride on this O2O wave and build a truly engaging relationship with your end user.

Branded Environment For Content

A private branded space to share content and
provide information. Brand have many options
to build top -of- mind awareness: HTML 5 mobile
website, virtual tour, photo gallery, videos, games

Content Marketing

Broadcast articles such as opinion pieces to build
trust and organize contests to engage your
followers.100% delivery of messages is ensured.
WeChat is not only a messaging app, but also
a hyper-engaged social network. Good content
will be widely shared, resulting in a larger
organic reach.

Location Based Services

Accomplish real O2O where users can easily
locate your place of business and visit. Broadcast
time limited offers to and boost foot traffic.
LBS has the potential to integrate offline
audience into online and the relationship
can be nurtured further.

Loyalty Programs And CRM

Create exclusive membership programs,
distribute coupons and reward your most loyal
customers. Develop a strong brand loyalty
among your followers. They will be the best
advocate for you by sharing your content
within their circle of friends.


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Wechat Moments Ads

1. Brand name and profile picture
2. Up to 40 character ad description
3. Sponsored
4. Advertisement image

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