The right ECommerce SEO post panda


In 2011, Google released an algorithm that has affected many eCommerce websites’ ranks. This algorithm filters sites that are of low quality. This makes “contents” more significant than ever and all other things online businesses post in their pages. Panda looks into everything a website has. To be fair, however, Google Panda gives good quality sites with a good rank. It also becomes a challenge to others which make online competition fairer for everyone.

If, your site has recently been affected by this algorithm, it is not too late for a rebound. There are certain ways on how you can improve your webpage and get Panda to notice you in a positive way. So, don’t let Google Panda hit you with its entire bullet, get armed and make this algorithm your ally!
You may consider the following as unsolicited advices, but take it or not, they helped many other websites to survive eCommerce after Google’s Panda algorithm entered the picture. Here they are:

• Write Panda-friendly contents. When webmasters talk about this kind of blog contents, they mean writing for quality and not for quantity or length. While many think that writing lengthy eCommerce blogs would help them rank up this is not the case. Length and even the number of words matters the least because the algorithm is more particular with how meaningful the article is rather than how many words it contains.

• Forget copycats. Copying is a big NO-NO for this Google weapon. While churning articles that have been posted by other sites may seem to work out because of the convenience, this move will only make matters worse. Panda wants original contents so be sure to make original contents.

• Write your own product description. Although it may be a fact that your site must be offering the same products as others. However, this does not excused you from Google’s scrutiny if you decided to copy how your competitors describe their products. You need to come up with a unique way to share to your visitors the features of your items.

Google’s Panda algorithm did make it harder for many to compete online. Still, it has helped more deserving sites and businesses to be noticed by netizens. For those who have been affected by the site, it is only a wakeup call to improve the quality of contents posted online. With or without this algorithm, if your site does not possess factors that online visitors are looking for, you would start losing them.