Social media sites have been gaining a reputation when mit comes to promoting businesses online. Facebook and Twitter have all been known to offer companies an online place where millions to billions of people connect together. These sites mostly have profiles used by citizens for their personal activities. On the other hand, some social network sites are developed to be used as platform for businesses and employment activities. In this type of social sites, LinkdIn is among the top favorite sites.
LinkdIn was first launched during the 2nd quarter of 2003. The site was actually created to connect prospective employees to their possible employers. And, just three years after it launched, the site already pooled 20 million profiles and it recently shared a report of whopping 364 million users. Apart from its current number of members, here are some of the other features (relevant to marketing) the site has:

  • Known in more than 200 countries
  • Available in multiple languages, 24 to be exact
  • Reported to have more than 170 million visitors from all over the world
  • Has sold shares under NYSE since 2011
  • Founded by a member of another big onlite site- Paypal
  • Managed by the previous executive of Yahoo

Nowadays, not only employees and employers use the site. It is now use to engage customers, too. As some would point out, the site makes the line between relationship-building and knowledge sharing a blur! Naturally, like in other social network sites, the objective of the business owner in using the site is to increase visibility. Of course, this should lead to engaging more audiences and making the company the top of its industry.
The available number of users the site has is absolutely promising. Its features are also equally significant in bringing in prospects and making the business successful online. However, the question on how would business owners make LinkdIn work for their business poses a challenge. This question, if not properly addressed might make the site seem insignificant for the business. With this in mind, try to consider the following when creating a business LinkdIn account:

  • Prepare an optimized description.
  • Use visual images.
  • Highlight various pages by showcasing them.
  • Provide regular update.

In a snapshot, LinkdIn is a social network site that is now used in promoting businesses online. It has various features that are promising enough and business owners must consider certain factors to use the site on their advantage.