The key to having website visitors


Building a website is undoubtedly a great plan but will it really bring in visitors? The truth is simply having a website does not guarantee visitors which will eventually be your potential customers. Optimizing it to be discovered through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is the real key to having online visitors and meeting marketing objectives. This process is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
Basically, SEO follows two kinds of techniques: the on-page and off – page. Here is how the two differs:

On Page is the implementation of keywords on the website in a strategic manner. It includes Meta description, page titles and other elements.
Off- Page, on the other hand, is the enhancement of the site’s authority in the net by considering the other websites that are linked to it. To achieve this, attracting authoritative websites to link in the site is necessary.

So, how good are these techniques in guaranteeing page visitors? Honestly speaking, they are very helpful but are now lagging behind the modern Search Engine Optimization.These days, simply tricking or impressing search engines to obtain the #1 spot will no longer work.

What makes attaining the TOP SPOT tougher these days?

1. Search engines are way smarter nowadays.
2. Spammy websites are easier identified and those that are legitimate.
3. SEO optimizes sites for the online searchers not for online search engines.

Although higher ranking is tougher to achieve nowadays, you can still optimize your website to be at the top list of search engines. Understanding what to put and how to structure your site
will greatly help you attain that objective. Elements like page titles, Meta descriptions, headings and images all have something to do with how you get noticed in the web. Likewise, the way your site’s URL is structured influences your chances of getting discovered online. In conclusion, building a website is not enough to obtain prospective customers. First, the site must be discovered by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. To achieve the top spot for these sites, Search Engine Optimization is the key and giving special focus on certain elements of the site and the structure of its URL is important.