Successful Ecommerce business knows their target customers


Which eCommerce site does not want to expand? Definitely, every business (whether operating or offline) has this as major objective. Now, how does a business make it in the Internet? This is a question many seek to be answered.

True to the fact, the net has offered multitude of blessings and benefits to businesses. Some may not seem to enjoy them and there are reasons for this. One major cause is that many online businesses are unfamiliar with their customers. In their mind, they have an abstract concept of who they want to target but put into details- they could get lost. In the end, they tend to engage in online activities that fail to attract the interests and attentions of their supposed prospects. Without a concrete understanding of who they want to target, online shops and others are merely wasting their efforts and resources. Now, to make the problem simpler to understand, let us put some of them in bullets:

  • Blog articles and contents would just be developed for the sake of having something to post.
  • Online shops may engage in marketing activities that do not engage web page visitors.
  • Businesses tend to miss the products the netizens are actually looking for.
  • Customer service team may have lapses in catering to the needs of the customers in the net.

Knowing online customers is great key to success in eCommerce and many would agree to this. Online, businesses may not have control of who visits their sites and visitors are also vital. The thing is- how does an eCommerce engage these visitors or interest them to return and even refer them to others? Online shops that have answered this are in no way wasting their resources.

Buyer personas! This is one of the reasons why other businesses make it online, successfully. A buyer persona provides a semi-fictional idea of a targeted group of customers. The beauty of it is that it is not based on an abstracted concept but out of the actual profile of the site’s visitors and market research. It gives the detailed outline of the features that an online shop has for its customers and visitors.

With the right information, eCommerce sites will find it easier to identify Internet-based marketing strategies most in-line with their customers’ interests, preference and behavior. Marketing resources would also be spent more effectively and efficiently. With the right set of strategies, expanding in the net would be much easier for any business as they would be properly guided by the personas of their buyers.

Online businesses that know their customers have better chances of expanding compared to those who aren’t. The problems encountered because of their blindness and ignorance of who the customers are from the pool of visitors they have each day would be effectively resolved by preparing a more detailed representation of their actual customers known as buyer persona.