We increased organic traffic by 70% for Our Better World.

A case study for Our Better Word. Singapore International Foundation.


Our Better World is the digital storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation. Their mission is to tell stories of people doing good in Asia to inspire action from a global online audience and and to connect Singaporeans in the international community.




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Their goal for the SEO campaign was to increase their search visibility and their organic traffic. Traffic Expert worked alongside Our Better World’s marketing teams to ensure that every need, short-term or long-term, would be built into the study and metrics.

Search Strategy

Our Team made an analysis of the website and noticed that it faced a number of issues that had restricted its potential to rank better in search engines. We measure analytics, but we also measure our progress based on customer satisfaction.


We continue to support Our Better World ’s Search marketing efforts and expect to see continued success in the future.

Search Analysis

Our team noticed that the structure of the website is not reflective of the different categories of stories. This had an impact on the user experience which search engines favour. A visitor to the website has to be able to browse to their category of interest and read the article.
Crawling issues were detected for the website and this had affected the crawl efficiency by search engines. The website was relatively large as content is being published regularly, older URLs are also being edited or removed. This resulted in several broken links which had Page Not Found when search engines refer visitors to it. Other than these, we identified multiple onsite issues which should be fixed.
We also looked at the competition the client faced in the search results. There were several authoritative sites on same topics as the client. The competitors were also on a global level which was on a different stratosphere compared to local SEO. Hence, keyword research and selection was important to avoid direct competition.
After our teams made an analysis of the website and we proposed a solution to the team at Our Better World and discussed our approach to help the website gain authority in search engines. We emphasized on fixing several onsite crawl issues before we started the optimization process.


The SEO campaign started on a 2 pronged approach, improving onsite SEO and identifying target keywords. To improve onsite SEO, we removed all broken links and submitted a new site map to search engines. We also implemented onsite improvements to be more search engine friendly.
More importantly, the site content was organized into main categories each having its own unique permalink. With this clear site structure, search engines are able to map it out efficiently and bring users to the desired pages.

Target to increase 70% in traffic

The result of our SEO campaign was an astonishing 70% growth in organic search traffic year on year. This can be seen in the figure below.

Hitting the Right KPIs

At the start of the campaign, the client wished for an increase in the organic search traffic so that more people can be touched by the stories produced by Our Better World. Now, we have most of the target keywords ranking quite well in search engines, compared to non-ranking when we started. The increase in organic search traffic has also brought about increased email subscription which is also critical for future engagement.

Overall, this project has yielded positive results because it started with clear goals on our target keywords. Together with the client, we planned and implemented the onsite work required to achieve the goals.
Traffic Expert team is glad that our service has brought about visible improvement to the client and also helped a Singapore organization reached the global audience.

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