Transforming a website from unknown to search engine star

A case study for K Powered, Marine Lighting Solutions.


K Powered is a Singapore based company which provides lighting solutions to maritime industry. The company wanted to improve the search visibility of their website as it is a main source of lead generation for them. The website was receiving traffic mainly from paid ads and it has almost zero organic traffic. It was virtually unknown. Traffic Expert, was engaged to turnaround K Powered’s online marketing strategy with the assistance of the Market Readiness Assistance grant by the Singapore government.




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The Identity

Through K Powered’s growth, our team has been at every corner, committed to navigating innovative forward progress and increase the organic traffic.

Search Strategy

Our team functions as a second set of eyes, watching for new possibilities to build K Powered’s reputation as the online leader of search engines


Traffic Expert worked closely with the client to overhaul the website and transform it into one that is ready for online competition. As a result, Traffic Expert continues to provide creative direction to K Powered’s customer experience.


We did a thorough analysis of K Powered’s website and identified multiple areas of improvement to be search engine friendly. Firstly, the website did not have a friendly structure which will affect the crawling efficiency by search engine spiders. The information can be better organized for users to find the product they want. As a result, conversions on the website were low due to bad user experience.
Secondly, the web pages were not optimized for search engines and are not user friendly or mobile responsive. The spiders will not be able to pick out essential tags which will associate the web page with the keywords.


We emphasized to the client that before the SEO campaign starts, the website will have to be revamped so that it has a good foundation for us to build upon in future. The first phase of this project will be to transform the website and give it a fresh design. This is important to portray a professional image for the client. We created a website architecture that is friendly to search engines as well as easy for users to find the products they want. The final product is a website which is mobile responsive, with appropriate call to actions and featuring all the products of the client. More importantly, it has become an online catalogue for the client to display the product information.
The 2nd phase of this project will be to start the SEO campaign and increase the organic search traffic to the website. We did an extensive research of the search competition and proposed a set of target keywords for the SEO campaign. These keywords are selected because they can attract quality traffic that is able to convert to enquiry. With the Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant, K Powered is able to embark on a global SEO campaign instead of one that focus on Google Singapore results.

Transformation Complete

The website has seen a dramatic increase in organic search traffic, average of 20% increase month on month for 6 months. This can be seen from the image below.

Enquiries from the website have doubled, this has opened a new revenue channel for the business in a challenging economic climate.
Overall, Traffic Expert is glad to have successfully transformed another business from virtual unknown to a search engine star. We believe that no business is too small to compete in the Internet and outrank established companies. With the assistance of this MRA marketing grant, we can bring Singapore business to compete on the global stage. It brings more meaning to our work when we can help local business expand overseas.

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