Clean, modern and minimal design for BSD Sign

A case study for BSD-Sign, interior design service for homes in Singapore.


BSD Sign is a Interior Design Agency in Singapore. Our vision was to design again the old website. We make a study and the previous site was becoming hard for users to access the content because it was buried across a multitude of pages, as a result there was not enough focus on the work projects by the client. Also the design was outdated and did not match the image that a professional home designer should be giving. The website is not mobile friendly which is highly critical in current Internet landscape as mobile searches exceed desktop and search engines prefer mobile friendly websites. In the end, updating the site is difficult - the website is not used a Content Management System.



Web design & Development

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Traffic Expert aimed to find the core of BSD Sign’s purpose and integrate it into their new website – our team did it. The new website is composed of model that is easy for the BSD Sing's to update every section of website and the User Experience is close to user.

Web Design

This project has a unique design. Our team focus in the navigation of website and we target in content. We create a minimal , clean and modern website. The objective of the website is to feature clearly the home interior designs created by the client. We will make use of large images together with short and concise messages to grab the attention of the user.

Web Development

Our team led the development for BSD Sign new web experience. The website is mobile friendly (responsive design) and our team focus to CMS (Content Management System). We create a full customized content and is easy for BSD Sign's to make the updates.

For the Homepage, we use feature big, selected and clear images to represent each major portfolio category of the client. Each image namely Residential, Commercial and 3D drawing. The objective is to capture user’s attention to the large images and impress them.

Modern and clear content

For the Portfolio pages, we have enlarged from the previous thumbnails which are small and not pleasing to the eyes of user. In the new design, we used tiled images to place all the projects together and when the user mouse over, they will see the project name. Upon clicking on the image, it will bring up a light box gallery which includes several images belonging to this project. Users can scroll left or right to browse the images.

Bidirectional communication mode

The old "Contact Us" page is very mundane with no clear contact information in the page. For the new design, we used flat icons, for the Google map and also displayed the company address and contact details clearly. This helps the user to choose their preferred way of contacting the client.

Typography and color pallete

Lastly, we decide to use two typefaces like 'Montserrat' and 'Lato' and the color pallet generated from the logo of BSD Sign.

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