Mobile marketing is a marketing topic that has been given different meanings. Some would define it as marketing on mobile devices. There are also those who define it as an innovative way of marketing through the use of special mobile devices like smart phones. While it may really come with more than one definition, it actually just communicates one idea – taking advantage of “mobile”. How does one take advantage of this?  The answer is simple and that is to create a website optimized for mobile devices. This is important because people value time and location sensitivity of whatever marketing approaches companies may have. And, if there is one approach that can provide just that, many would agree that it can only be through mobile. Now, if this  reason is not enough, here are some other justifications why being responsive could greatly help business:

  • Marketing on mobile gadgets is far cheaper than marketing via televisions or even radio but could reach out to a multitude of prospects.
  • Studies show that people with smartphones are more likely to be engaged on what is happening online and be connected with their social media accounts.
  • Surveys show that there are about 55 million people who use smartphones.
  • It holds viral potential like no other.

These  are  just  few  to  state  few  and  there  are  still  other  benefits  compared  with  other marketing approaches.

What does it mean to be responsive? In the simplest definition, being responsive is designing  mobile-friendly website and providing the market with one-of-a –kind web experience through their phones. In a shorter sense, it is simply opting for a responsive website design! Being responsive does not mean changing the site’s URL and HTML. The same are to be used for all devices. As a matter of fact only the programming language on the format of the page or CSS will be different. To sum this up, there are various advantages that website owners may enjoy with mobile marketing. But, before that, they must first consider using responsive designs for websites to reach out to the millions of mobile users and communicate their messages.