5 ways to use Twitter to get traffic


The number of Twitter users surpassed 500 million in 2012, it is the second most popular social network after Facebook. Its short and quick-fire style updates, Tweets they call it, have made and break everything from people to businesses. A mobile ice cream seller selling at different locations in the city, but its loyal customers will still turn up in droves to make purchases. That is the power of instant updates using Twitter. So how does one utilize Twitter to their benefit and build up a brand for themselves?

It is simply being Real, Honest And Engaging…with a bit of Tact.

1. Brand Your Profile

Change your Twitter Profile background to one that reflects your brand image. Include your logo and the color scheme should be similar and complement your actual website. You can create your own Twitter backgrounds using TwitrBackgrounds and TwitterImage. When people see your Twitter profile, they will have a brand image easily etched in their minds because its different from any other Twitter profiles. An easily identifiable and attractive background will generate interest in your business and drive people to your website to know more.
Promote Your Twitter Account

All right, a brand new Twitter account and everything starts from zero. How on earth will people know your Twitter exists? First of all, link your website with your Twitter. Add Twitter widgets and icons to your website so that visitors will know your profile and follow it for updates instead of visiting your website in the future.
Make Your Tweets Searchable

Searching is in Traffic Expert’s blood. Add a hashtag # before a keyword that represents your Tweet. This will put the Tweet into categories related to that keyword. Help Twitter search find you and traffic will be directed this way.

2. Build Up Good Twitter Metrics

There are three important metrics that Twitter will display in your profile, Number Of Tweets, Number Of Following and Number Of Followers. These are best indications of the popularity of your business profile. Lets start with the metrics you can control and that is the number of tweets and following. Tweet regularly as new visitor will be impressed by a profile that has thousands of tweets, it represents activity in account. People will naturally skip a profile of which the last tweet was one year ago.

Secondly, follow Twitter profiles that are authoritative in your business domain. These can be organizations or individuals that have thousands of followers on their own. By joining the community, you are also attracting attention to what you are offering.

By building the two metrics above, your profile will naturally attract followers, adding to the last metric. Have faith!

3. Socialize, Engage Your Followers

Be Human. Followers in Twitter do not want follow a business profile that only sends out marketing or promotional messages. They want to know the personality and character behind the business, YOU! Twitter is a social platform, so go out there and interact with the community.

Make Friends with your followers. If they are active in social media, chances are they will also have a following of their own and this extends your business’ reach.

Listen And Reply. Followers will react to your Tweets or even leave their comments on your Twitter profile. These are important signals to your business. Listen to what they have to say as they can point out what works and what doesn’t. Follow up on the conversation with a Tweet or post that addresses the issue be it a positive or negative one.

Interact and Engage in a sincere manner. Have conversations with others, ask questions and contribute to the discussion within your domain. Display your professionalism and let others recognize your authority in the domain. You are adding value to your brand image this way.

4. Sharing Stuffs…Good And Bad

People who follow you will expect you to create value in their life, not only everyday grumblings or meaningless comments. Sharing useful information related to your niche shows that you are willing to educate your followers and improve their knowledge of the domain. Contrary to the thinking that you are sending traffic to competitors, people will trust you for being open minded and neutral.

Good informative stuffs to share include “How To xxx”, “Top 10 xxx” and “Best xxx”. Build your Twitter profile into a resource guide as such information gets Re-Tweeted easily. Traffic will be directed to your profile this way.

5. Be Tactful

We cannot emphasize this well enough. How often have we seen celebrities and well known individuals score an own goal by misusing their Twitter account. To prevent yourself from committing a gaffe that will come back to haunt you, always think twice before hitting that Tweet button. Remember you are representing your business, its brand value and image identity rests on every Tweet you make whether good or bad. Never intertwine business Tweets with your personal life. IT TAKES JUST ONE TWEET TO DESTROY WHAT YOU HAVE BUILT UP. You can have a bad hair day but not your business. Do not mention names or grumble about any clients as you do not know who may see these messages. Put it simply, BE PROFESSIONAL!

To end it off, it will take time before you build up a following and eventually drive traffic to your website. Be patient and consistent in your Tweets and bear in mind the 5 tips above. All The Best!