What helps in boosting lead generation?


Internet marketing is as important as any other marketing strategies these days.  However, simply setting up a website for the sake of being “online” may not really mean anything unless it (the website) generates a lead.As with traditional marketing, leads are simply the interest shown by page visitors to a company’s product or service.  It could be questions raised by the visitors on the products or services seen on the site or anything about the company like address, profile and etc… While lead generation may very well be described in its generic form, online, various techniques and approaches are used by different websites. Unfortunately, the use of different approaches to boost the website’s lead generation at one point of a time is a big “ NO-NO” for many experts.  One effective approach is enough so long that it is effective.
So, how would to know if the site’s lead generation is improving? Once the website achieve the following:

  • Page visitors voluntarily give their email address and other details
  • Visitors post questions on the site
  • They (page visitors) contact the administrators for other queries
  • Visitors request for an update about the company’s activities online or offline

Talking about effective approaches, there is one effective way to boost a website’s ability to generate leads and that is the “CALL- TO-ACTION”. Often, this approach is known or abbreviated as CTA.  It could be in the form of text line, an image, banner or other graphics that encourage page visitors to do the following depending on what the site has:

  • join a webinar facilitated by the website
  • download the ebook developed by the site
  • participate in an event organized and disseminated by the company through its site
  • get a discount coupon
  • join or perform other activities on the website.

In a way, CTA works because it the final instructions to the visitors before they leave the site. Depending on how creative it has been developed or formulated, call-to-action could generate a number of leads that would greatly help the website owner or the business in general. Moreover, this approach could be used not only in the website but in other online pages like the company’s social media sites.